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  • What is xRace?

    xRace is the most popular sport adventure race in Latvia. Competition is based on running, mountain bike riding and kayaking, doing different tasks in the same race and strategic planning.

  • Who can participate in xRace adventure race?

    Anyone can participate in the race, but in the team there must be at least one member at the age of 18. Younger can also patricipate in race, but it is possible only with parents written permission. Short (Īsā) distance is suitable for families. Parents take full responsibility for the child's participation in the race.

  • How many participants can be in a team?

    The team consists of 3 participants, in the Short (Īsā) distance there are 2-4 participants possible.

  • What kind of teams can be formed?

    Teams can be formed by men and women only, or mixed.

  • What are the possible xRace adventure race distances?

    xRace offers 3 different distances - Sport distance, Popular (Tautas) distance and Short (Īsā) distance.

  • Does team must participate in all xRace stages?

    Participation in all stages is optional, the team can participate in any number of stages.

  • Can I register a team if a team member is not yet known?

    Yes, to register a team, at least one participant must be registered in the application.

  • Is it possible to change team members during season?

    Yes, It is possible.

  • How can I change team information?

    To change the team information, you must log into the xRace homepage in the Registration section with the access code. It is sent immediately to the captain of the team by e-mail after signing up.

  • What is included in the participation fee?

    Participation fee includes race SI cards, distance planning, special and rope tasks expences, boats, life jacket, shower (where available), Isostar sports drink at watering stations, waterproof maps, medical assistance, special equipment, prizes and other organisational expenses.

  • What kind of equipment is necessary for the race?

    To participate in the race it is necessary to have a charged mobile phone, a bicycle, helmet and SI card. In the night stage - a red lamp/blink for bike, a headlamp, reflectors (for example, on clothes, bags).

  • Is it possible to rent equipment?

    Yes, necessary equipment can be rented from the race organizers - compass, mapboard, helmet.

  • Is it possible during the season to change the distance from the Sport distance to the Popular (Tautas) distance or vice versa?

    Yes, but points for the team will be counted in each distance separately.

  • How to check in at check points correctly?

    There is a SI station device in every check point location, where team must punch. Teams must hear a signal to know that punching is successful. If there is no signal and the SI station is broken or stolen, team must contact organisers by phone and then continue the distance. Correct checking ensures that information is collected in each check point, including time when checkpoint has been attended and team number.